Terms & Conditions

There are some terms and conditions that are setup by plushyhomes.com so before accessing or using the Website, please read the following carefully.

Eligibility: There is no justification for plushyhomes.com to assume that the contractual party is not entitled to enter into a true contract under Indian Contract Act 1872 and the services supplied on the website are subject to the applicable law.

Registration: The User promises to give complete, proper, correct and updated information as necessary by registering on plushyhomes.com. To register with plushyhomes.com the user shall complete in the Registration Form. The User should keep the account up and notify you immediately of any infringement or unauthorised access to the account. The user is completely responsible for the privacy of the account, password and any operations conducted on the account of the user. The plushyhomes.com, its staff or affiliates shall in no way be liable for damages caused by the violation of user name confidentiality, password or transaction data.

Buyer Registration: For the Buyer, plushyhomes.com registration is free.

Vendor Registration: The Vendor must also check the Vendor Registration Website, as well as register at plushyhomes.com, and follow the other requirements specified on this website. plushyhomese.com may, by agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions set out in the Seller Agreement, offer Vendors and Providers listing, packing, postal services, warehousing, and other added value services.

Access to Website: If plushyhomes has reasonable grounds to deduce that information shared by the User with plushyhomes.com is false, inaccurate, not current, incomplete or in accordance with T&C, the User may cease or suspend the user’s use or access by the user indefinitely, inappropriately and without limitation or inaccurate, plushyhomes.com shall not use or stop the user’s use or access of plushyhomes.com in accordance with this T&C.

Purpose: The User accepts that only the registration or use of the Website is aimed at buying or selling the products which are occasionally mentioned on this Website.

Listing: The Buyer knows that the products are posted by the seller and a listing can expire if a different buyer buys or if the seller who placed the listing chooses to stop the same or if the listing expires within a specified time limit. plushyhomes.com shall at no point be liable for any product right, title or interest, or plushyhomes.com shall have any obligation or responsibility with regards to the products. plushyhomes.com shall not be liable to the Vendor for the defective or delaying performance of the goods as a result of ordered or otherwise unavailable products from stock. All things offered by the suppliers are accessible for just a limited time and only for the offer of the supplier.

Order: The Buyer can select and browse the products for the many product categories offered on the website. The User shall next purchase the items selected by submitting an order (“Order”) on the site and paying the transaction costs together (“Transaction”).

Payment: The User accepts and undertakes not to pay or receive payments other than as otherwise allowed for in the purchase and/or sales of the Product featured on the Website, without the agreement of plushyhomes.com. For further uses. Payments for products on the site made by the corresponding vendor at the options of:

  • Billing payments done using credit card, debit card payment or through UPI on plushyhomes.com’s account.
  • Delivery payment where payment is made only in cash on delivery.

Charges: From time to time (“Charges”) the user shall pay for the products for service tax, insurance, other taxes, charges, fees, and expenditures, as applicable. The charges vary according to the product’s diversity. plushyhomes.com reserves the right to impose differential costs and to increase the fees but this rise does not impact the orders verified with the User by plushyhomes.com unless such fees are charged by or deriving from governmental authorities for reasons not traceable to plushyhomes.com.

Electronic Payment: In accordance with the options exercised in the “payment” section, the Buyer agrees. The Purchaser shall confirm that any credit card details provided by the Buyers in order to pay are appropriate and authentic and that the Purchaser does not use credit cards that the Purchaser is not legally entitled to. plushyhomes.com shall not use payment information of the Buyer for a purpose other than for the payment of charges, and such information shall not, except in accordance with the laws, regulations, court orders and privacy policies, be shared by plushyhomes.com with any third party. The Buyer Payment Information for plushyhomes.com shall be used for no purposes but for the payment of costs and shall not be shared with any third party, by plushyhomes.com, except as required, by law, by regulation, by court order or in accordance with the Privacy policy.

Refund & Return: For whatever reason, any return claim or refund of any payments made for the order shall be handled under the return, refund and cancellation policy laid out on the website and shall be made on the account of the vendor. Any claim for return or refund of any Payment made for the order. plushyhomes.com is not liable for the return, refund and cancellation and/or payment or any connected fee in any form. plushyhomes.com shall not pay. The Buyer knows that plushyhomes.com is not acting as trustee or agent in the transaction or payment by offering payment methods to the Buyer.

Refusal of Order: plushyhomes.com retains the right of denying an order: (i) on the basis of the availability thereof, (ii) exceeding the threshold of such transactions, (iii) in contravention of T&C or (iv) in violation of any law applicable to such transactions. In addition, in those situations there shall be no claim of damages by the User on plushyhomes.com.

Delivery: The delivery of the ordering product is by the supply partners (“Delivery Partner”) whenever the User purchases the product listed at plushyhomes.com. The Delivery Partner makes an attempt for the package at the time of placing the order (“delivery point”) to be delivered to the destination indicated. Should the delivery fail, the delivery partner shall notify the buyer of the failure to deliver or attempt to deliver the ordered product to the alternate delivery location nearby (the ‘ Alternatives of Living Point’), as specified by the buyer. If the purchasing partner is unable within the time period provided by the Delivery Partner to offer the alternative delivery point or fails to pick up the requested product from the Delivery Partner’s warehouse within 7 days, the Delivery Partner will return it to plushyhomes.com.

Undelivered Products: On receipt of the product that is not delivered, plushyhomes.com shall inform the buyer of the same thing and shall arrange, upon request by the buyer, to return the product to the buyer at any extra cost and fees specified by plushyhomes.com to the buyer. In such situation, plushyhomes.com shall be free to dispose of a product ordered, as the case may be at its discretion, if no response has been received from the buyer within 7 days following the date of the failure to deliver an ordered product at the Delivery Point or Alternate Delivery Point.

User’s Obligations: The User commits not withholding, displaying and modifying, publishing, updating or sharing any product information or lists that (i) is damaging, blasphemous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, hateful or profoundly reprehensible. (ii) harassment, including but not limited to indecent representation of women in the meaning of the Act of Indecent Representation of Women, 1986. (iii) violates any patent, registered trademark, copyright, other intellectual rights, or trade secrets or advertising and privacy rights of third parties. (iv) includes software viruses, or any other computer code, files, or programmes intended to disrupt, destroy or limit any computer resource’s operation. (v) contains every virus, worm, malware, or computer programme of any nature that may harm, interfere, degrade, intercept or expropriate any system, data or information. (vi) harm India’s unity, integrity, defence, security or sovereignty, cordial relations with other countries, public order, induce inducement to commit any cognizable crimes or obstruct investigation of any offence or any other nation from insulting. (vii) is untrue, deceptive and inaccurate. (vii) offer, attempt, make or attempt to trade, directly or indirectly any item, to which trade under any law, rules, regulations or guidelines is prohibited or limited in any form, for the time being in force. (viii) bear any responsibility on or in respect of the ISP services or the other logistics and services partner of or plushyhomes.com or cause any obstacle, either in whole or in part; (ix) link or feature descriptions of things that violate Child and other Labor laws, Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, Drug and Magic Remedies Act, 1954, Indian Penal Code, 1860, Information Technology Act, 2000 and any other laws or rules applicable therein as may be changed from time to time.

Limitation of Liability: The user knows that plushyhomes.com is an e-market location. The User accepts that plushyhomes.com has not checked the User’s true conduct and that the Vendor’s registration has been based on the registration. plushyhomes.com makes it easy for sellers to visualise products on this website and allows the buyer to purchase products that are listed by the seller on the website. plushyhomes.com has no representation or warranties at any time for the accuracy, reliability, completeness, information, error-Free and/or continuous services, software, text, graphics, links and communications provided by or through use or operation of the Products listed on the Website, and plushyhomes.com shall not assume any liability for its associates, affiliates or service providers or technology partners. plushyhomes.com makes no warranty for the products featured or sold on the Site for the Buyer. Accordingly, plushyhomes.com shall not accept any liability for any financial losses or damage experienced by the Buyer as a result of delay, delay or failure in delivery of any information or data transmission in connection with the use or operation of the website or the logistics company. 

Confidentiality and Privacy: plushyhomes.com knows how the information supplied by the user to the website is both important and confidential. Taking into account its personal and sensitive nature, the user may share the privacy Policy with plushyhomes.com, which may be accessed under “Privacy Policy.”

Intellectual Property Rights: plushyhomes.com shall grant the User a restricted right to purchase and sell any other than the limited right to use the Website, plushyhomes.com shall retain the intellectual property and website proprietary right and the title and interest.

Proprietary Information: The User consents to, and accepts, the proprietary assets of the company are all data containing copyrighted materials, logo, marks, trade secrets, patent-related materials, and other intellectual property that are provided on the Website and not limited to, and included in all software information, electronic and printed materials. You may only apply or access these products otherwise than in accordance with the provisions clearly given in T&C and shall be subject to copyright, trade secret, patents and other intellectual rights and laws. Without the express written consent of plushyhomes.com the user shall not distribute or republish any content on the Website.

Protection of Proprietary Information: the user agrees, that no programming code, or source code used on the Website will be stored, copied, modified, rented, leased, loaned, sell, dispatched, sent, displayed, reverse-engineered or otherwise tried by the User to find it. Otherwise the User shall not attempt to transfer any rights on the Site (that includes its software, design and content), to produce derivative works based on it or to utilise the Site commercially, whole or partly. The User accepts that a breach, of such copyrights, trade secrets, patents, other IP or of T&C will result in Indian law enforcement.

Indemnity: plushyhomes.com, its affiliate, suppliers, service providers, service partners, and their respective officers, managers, employees, agents and representatives shall defend and indemnify the User against any claim that arises from violation by the User of any T&C, in accordance with this Convention.

External Links: plushyhomes.com may link the User on or off the Internet to other websites or information, software data or other material. The content of these sites does not control, endorse or revise plushyhomes.com, and the content is not under plushyhomes.com’s responsibility.

Fitness of the e-portal: For the purpose of any downloads, programmes and texts available on plushyhomes, and for visiting the website or any external links, the User remains fully and exclusively responsible for determining fitness. plushyhomes.com is not liable for the loss of any Computer, Software, Programs, Files or Data on it or any other harm direct or indirect to the User caused by access to the Website or external links, consequential and incidental.

Withdrawal of Consent: In case the user has no intention of continuing to use the Website, the user may withdraw from the site by using the ‘unsubscribe’ link in such a circumstance. In accordance with the User’s request, plushyhomes.com shall delete the User information from the Web site in accordance with its Privacy Policy, in which cases the User is no longer able to access certain plushyhomes.com features.

Force Majeure: Neither plushyhomes.com nor its affiliates, suppliers, service providers or service partners shall be liable for any failure to perform any obligation due to an event beyond the control of such party resulting from a direct and immediate consequence of any Act of God, riot, civil unrest, earthquake, flood, terrorism, war, act of civil or military authority, or any other natural or man-made eventuality outside control of the parties and which could not have been reasonably foreseen. No claims whatsoever on account of the same shall be entertained by plushyhomes.com.

Relation: The Website is merely a platform where the seller and the buyer engage on the one hand and on the other. The pricings, shipping costs, payment terms, payment methods, time and delivery method, warranties for products on sale comply with such obligations and shall not be implied in the offer or approval of such contractual and/or commercial terms between the Seller and the Buyer on the basis of bipartisan agreement obligations between the Seller and the Buyer. In addition, the relationship between the User and the Web is that with an independent party, and hence no job, agency, distributor, franchise, joint venture, or other similar legal connection between the parties shall constitute or develop therein. Neither party has any right or authority to act for or to bind the other or any party has such right or authority. or any party shall represent the other party.

Severability: Any other section of the T&C shall not be affected by the invalidity or artificiality of any provision, and such invalid or inaccessible section shall be broken or amended to implement the terms of other T&C.

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