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PLUSHYHOMES trust the buyers to serve them. PLUSHYHOMES provides a return, refund and cancelation policy (“Return Policy”) to facilitate the buyer’s trouble-free online buying experience.

Request for Return: If the product is defective or malfunctioning, damaged or other than the description supplied in the online store, or if its size or fitness is different, the purchaser can seek a return of the Product. The purchaser can request a return of the products only in particular instances if the purchaser is not content with the product quality. In the event of any defective, defective and damaged Product, the purchaser shall, within three days of the delivery date and together with the order number at , send the broken, defeated or damaged product photographs to him. The images of the products damaged, defective or different are vital to the establishment and defence of the purchaser’s claim.

Return request timelines: The buyer may submit a request for product return in any case within 3 days from the date of the product’s delivery. The return can be initiated by accessing the “Return” section on the website and following the instructions.

Return Conditions: Product must be returned as originally received complete with bills and labels. The product must be returned. Products sold as combo packages or sets are not eligible as separate products for return or replacement.

Reverse Pickup Process: PLUSHYHOMES shall start reverse recovery via its Logistic Partner on receipt of a request for return, whenever possible. The logistical partner then contacts the purchaser and arranges to pick up the product. The buyer must obtain a written confirmation with the Logistic Partner order number confirming the product concerned has been collected. In case of conflict or dispute with regard to the reverse collection the Buyer may be compelled to file a written confirmation.

Self-Sending process: In some cases, in which reverse collection may be impossible for the site, a return request and the Product’s courier may be required by the Buyer to commence, together with the bills and the address labels specified in the Return area of the site. The buyer may have to print the Request Slip and give it or place it on the parcel of the product returned, to the courier agent. In the event that the shipment is not delivered or the cargo is empty the Buyer shall be responsible for proving the return claim for the product by producing a copy of the Proof of Delivery received from the courier service provider. The products returned by accident or belonging to other vendors will not be the responsibility of PLUSHYHOMES.

Refund: PLUSHYHOMES processes and issues store credit (in electronic form) (“Store Credit”) to the buyer once the returned product is obtained under the terms of its Return Policy. The store’s credit for the purchaser can be used in full or in part for future website purchases. The loan from the Store shall be the amount payable on the product, excluding the charges and taxes, as stated on the invoice. The credit is valid for 90 days only after the acceptance of the return.

Exchange: If the buyer requests the product exchange, the exchange will take place at the sale price, not at the maximum retail price and not at the discounted price.  Moreover, the availability of the Product through the online shop shall apply for exchanges or replacement. The Buyer is aware that PLUSHYHOMES just facilitates the listing and sale of the Vendors and that PLUSHYHOMES is neither both an owner or a seller of the listed products. Unless it comes from the same seller, PLUSHYHOMES shall not guarantee Exchange. We are not going to support the exchange of two other or different sellers’ products.

Queries &Dispute: If any delay, dispute or query in connection with the buyer is triggered by the return, return or cancellations, the buyer may email the question or issue to   or contact +91 897-663-2071 to resolve the query or issue.

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